• Boy- "Im sorry."
    • Girl-"Take this glass."
    • Boy- "What am I suppose to do with it?"
    • Girl-"Drop it."
    • Boy- *drops glass* "Yea, it broke."
    • Girl-"Now apologize and see if it will go back to one piece..."
    Anonymous asked:
    what does alwaysendswith mean? also do you make $ with your blog using peepspayerDOTcom?

    always ends with 
    cause it always ends with . tumblr . com 

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    im-not-not-funny asked:
    you fucking whore

    Sorry i know i know )’: Ill but you up again when i can (: i pinky promise!

    • Me: Hi.
    • Some Girl: I have a boyfriend.
    • Me: I said hi, not suck my dick.
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